Subversive Media: V/A – Bokeh

Subversive Media presents: Some higlights, reflections and a blurry point of view

Subversive Media 017

  • Artistas: Audiohobel, CobraVerde, Drugstore, Dubberdink, Fernando Lopez, Groovycosta, Gusgo, Kwartz, Manelet, Metroxylon, Numbtone, Onka Onichi, Ordep Zerep, Silent Cubes, White Zone
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2011-08-22
  • Compañía discográfica: Subversive Media
  • Catálogo: BSM017

After the success of our last EP by Onka Onichi (with more than 1.500 downloads in the different platforms we use), we are now releasing SM017, fifteen tracks with different visions of electronic dance music produced by a combination of artists that have previously appeared on the label, along with some new ones that surely will have everyone talking.

A kaleidoscope of sound that certainly won’t leave you indifferent. And as always, for free!


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Subversive Media